Oto Line / Phono SE Signature
The latest refinement of our classic and award winning integrated amplifier, the OTO SE Signature possesses all of the legendary qualities that made the OTO SE such a world wide favourite, and adds some extremely special extra features. Not only have key internal components been upgraded - Audio Note Tantalum resisters and Copper Foil capacitors installed in critical areas - but also the all important output transformers now feature our own custom HiB Double C Cores. No other EL84 amplifier in existence has ever produced such an astonishing level of performance. Available in Line and Phono versions, and with your choice of brushed Aluminium or classic Black fascia.

10 watt Class A, Parallel Single Ended amplifier, featuring 2 x EL84 per channel.

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Product Brief

Product Specification
Oto SE Sig
Output Valves:
10w ClassA

Product Specification
Audio Note Oto SE Signature EL84 single ended integrated amplifier