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Turntables, Tone Arms, Cartridges and MC Step Up Transformers

Audio Note believe that the reproduction of music is most competently replayed by analogue source components. Against the background of technological advancements in the world of computers and digital technology, many audio manufacturers have applied this type of technology to their products. In most cases this thinking is misguided and fundamentally flawed.

Music by its very nature is an analogue signal borne from mechanical vibration, whether it be the skin of a Drum or the bow and string of a Violin. all sounds come from vibration.


Locked deep in the grooves of a vinyl record lies an immense amount of musical information. Indeed quite how much is still unknown for sure but while our competitors have been "barking up the wrong tree" in a digital sense, Audio Note have concentrated great energy, time and resources in developing a superb range of analogue products capable of reproducing this information.

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