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Purity is simplicity. Elaboration creates problems; simplicity and purity create perfection. 

Audio Note have a large range of speakers to suit every setting and budget level.

The pedestrian appearance of the Audio Note loudspeakers are well calculated. The front baffle dimensions and depth of the cabinet are an integral part of the wave launch support and controlled defraction characteristics pioneered by Peter Snell in the 1970's. Smaller, narrow baffles, like those found in most of today's "fashion victim" designs currently masquerading as quality loudspeakers achieve nothing other than to compromise mid-range frequency and tonal colourations.

Speakers with narrow baffles demonstrate a characteristic nasality and thinness in the critical vocal region with unrealistic/unnatural image placement. This is due to peaky response and loss of low level information. Spatial effects become distinctly "hi-fi" and not faithful to real musical presentation.

Hi-fi and music are not the same and many designers fall prey to the "cannons and fireworks" of special effects. Audio Note design loudspeakers to imitate real musical instruments. Every aspect of cabinet, drivers and crossover are carefully matched in much the same manner that a violin maker crafts a fine musical instrument.

All our loudspeaker models are two-way, stand mounted and are designed for real room conditions, rather than the more commonly used anachoic close field conditions.

You will therefore find that our loudspeakers are capable of serious in-room bass performance, without creating the boom and room resonance normally encountered with wideband loudspeakers.

Regardless of model, each of our loudspeaker pairs are very closely matched, to within 0.2 dB of each other over the full bandwidth, this is done under dynamic conditions using a unique method of testing developed by ourselves. Each speaker's crossover is adjusted to as closely as possible resemble a "master" speaker's curve.

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