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The following  'speaker veneers are no longer available;
Tulip, Yew, Alder, Wenge.




All of our AN-K, AN-J and AN-E loudspeakers are finished in premium quality,

responsibly sourced ‘book matched’ real wood veneers.

As one would expect from a natural product, each veneer is different and distinct,

and no two pairs are exactly the same.


Over time, the cabinets will slightly change in colour, due to the effects of sunlight

and UV light. Some veneers develop stronger figuring; some become darker, others lighter.

Some develop new and interesting shades in their grain colours.

These changes are completely normal and natural, and add to the beauty

and individuality of each pair of ‘speakers.


Our standard cabinet finish is Satin, but High Gloss lacquer finishes

are also available at extra cost, and most of our standard wood veneers

can be supplied in this deep, lustrous automotive quality finish.


We are also able to provide solid colour paint finishes at extra cost,

matching any RAL shade of your choice.

These paint finishes are available in Satin or High Gloss.


We can now also offer real SLATE as a finish, at extra cost.


The examples of our available veneers on the following pages

are intended to be A GUIDE ONLY,

and as described above, you final ’speakers may be slightly different due to the inherent properties of natural, real wood veneer.

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