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View our component price list for the full selection of available values.

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View our component price list for the full selection of available values.

The World's Finest Audio Electrolytic Capacitors!

Because every component counts...

In September 2014 we started releasing our new range of exclusively designed and manufactured electrolytic capacitors. The first types to be made available are the standard 'Audio Note (UK)™ Electrolytic Audio Capacitor', which were closely followed in October 2014 by the 'Audio Note (UK)™ KAISEI Audio Capacitor', the AN KAISEI will be available in a standard polarised and a premium bi-polar or non-polarised version.

Overall we will build a complete audio capacitor range for each quality level needed to make our own products primarily, Audio Note™ Standard, Audio Note™ KAISEI polar and Audio Note™ KAISEI bi-polar/non-polarized, and eventually the Audio Note™ Black Gate replacement range, which should also be available in polarised and bi-polar versions..


5uF / 10uF / 22uF / 50uF / 2200uF / 4700uF / 10,000uF / 68,000uF


100uF / 220uF / 330uF / 470uF / 680uF / 1000uF / 2200uF / 4700uF / 10,000uF


22uF / 50uF / 100uF / 220uF / 470uF / 1000uF / 2200uF / 4700uF / 10,000uF / 68,000uF / 100,000uF


22uF / 50uF / 100uF / 220uF / 470uF


22uF / 50uF / 100uF / 220uF / 470uF


5uF / 10uF / 22uF / 50uF / 100uF / 220uF / 470uF


5uF / 10uF / 22uF / 50uF / 100uF / 220uF / 470uF

Needless to say, building up an inventory of this many capacitors will require not just a very serious investment, but also some considerable time to prototype, audition, order, produce and deliver, so please do not order anything on this list unless it is included on our price list.


STD Elect.jpg
STD Elect3.jpg
STD Elect2.jpg

Even though these capacitors represent the starting level in our new range, we have found them to provide considerably better sound quality than any other currently available high voltage electrolytic capacitor, from any manufacturer. They achieve this excellent level of performance by combining a high quality electrolyte with the best available standard paper and a specially developed foil. The result is a 500 Volt capacitor of exceptional quality and price, suitable for use in any high voltage power supply application.

As they become available, the Standard Audio Note (UK)™ Electrolytic Capacitors will be introduced in all Audio Note(UK)™ finished products from Level Zero through to the lower Level Three (the power supplies of the higher Level Three products along with the Silver and Silver Signature models will be equipped with the KAISEI electrolytic capacitors).


KAISEI caps 1.jpeg
KAISEI caps 4.jpeg
KAISEI bi.jpg



The Audio Note (UK) KAISEI range has been developed over the past years in collaboration with the engineering team at Rubycon (of Black Gate fame). Whilst working on our top of the line Black Gate replacements (which we should releasing toward end of the second half of 2016) we realised that it would be possible to put together a range of more affordable electrolytic capacitors that use all of the same materials as these supreme components (the same special electrolyte, foil and construction quality) apart from the hyper expensive and extremely difficult to produce Graphite impregnated paper, so the only difference between the KAISEI capacitors and the forthcoming Black Gate replacements is that the paper is not graphite impregnated in the KAISEI, otherwise they are the same.

The first Audio Note (UK) KAISEI range has been available since late September – early October 2014 and started with the following 4 values, we will add a 220uF/500 volt version late 2015 plus bi-polar versions of the 22uF, 50uF and 100uF, so the entire range of KAISEI capacitors will be available in both polarised and non-polarised (bi-polar).

We intend to expand the KAISEI polar and bi-polar ranges as quickly as possible, one, because the polarised versions replace the low voltage versions of the Cerafine and the Silmic which we can no longer get in all the values we need and, two, because both the KAISEI versions sound far better than either the Cerafine and Silmic they will replace as we get the values needed in stock.

Photography by Jess Thomas

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