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TT-Three Dust Covers

Photography by Aernoud / Anders



Our TT-Three turntables are not supplied as standard with a dust cover. However, if you feel the need for one, below are links to plans for two different versions that you can take to a local acrylic workshop (usually the kind of establishment that makes shop signs etc) and they can make one for you.

Version 1 (Simple Version)

The first version is extremely simple and was designed by Anders Van Espensen, our Distributor in Denmark. It is designed to sit on the plinth of the TT-Three; this avoids having to have cut-outs made in the rear of the cover to allow for the tonearm and power cables (acrylic workshops often charge for extra complexity).

You can order this cover directly from Anders if you wish, feel free to contact him for a quotation.

Version 2

This version was designed by Aernoud Dekker at our Distributor for India. It is designed to sit over the edge of the plinth, on the supporting table, and has cuts-outs for cables at the rear and hand cut-outs in the sides.  

You can order this cover directly from Aernoud if you wish, feel free to contact him for a quotation.

Simple TT Three Cover 1.jpg
Simple TT Three Cover V1-01 copy.png
Dust Cover Drawing v3 copy.png
Aernoud cover 1.jpg
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