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Simply essential for every build...


An essential part of any equipment build, regardless of topology or technology. Stand-offs help to secure circuit boards and components in place, and ensure a suitable distance is maintained between them and the chassis. Our stand-offs are not only incredibly strong, making them suitable for securing heavy, large circuit boards, they are also highly temperature resistant, something that is essential for valve and class A solid state designs, where temperatures inside chassis can be surprisingly high.

In most hardwired valve power amplifiers it is frequently difficult to get the HT and heater rails properly suspended and separated, safely and neatly from the chassis, this especially applies when building amplifiers using the really high voltage directly heated triodes like 211, VT4-C, 845, 849, 304TL, DA100 etc. When planning design like this, it is important to incorporate suitable layout from the start, and the AUDIO NOTE™ stand-offs should be more or less mandatory in that context. They are screw-in type with steatite insulator and either a wrap-round turned "head"  on the single way version or separated solder slots on the multi-way versions.

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