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Bass Units
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Foam Surrounds

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Custom; the only way to go...

As can be seen from our extensive range of factory-built loudspeakers, we do not believe in taking the easy route followed by the majority of the audio industry.


Every loudspeaker we produce contains drive units and crossover elements that are custom models, specifically built to our specifications. Such meticulous attention to detail and material specification is the only way we can offer such musically satisfying, efficient, wide-bandwidth loudspeakers, and any deviation or compromise from such principles would simply not be acceptable.

The most important development is the introduction of the hemp cone, which has started to replace the paper cone in all our speakers except the AN-K, the hemp cones will be introduced across the range as parts come in and is offered side by side with the paper cone for now.

The second important development is the new AlNiCo magnets which are now available for both the woofer and the tweeter, the woofer comes standard with the hemp cone.



All units have eight-inch cones, light weight foam surrounds and have a crossover frequency up to 3KHz.

21cm models have four fixing / bolt holes in the front basket edge.

22cm models have six fixing / bolt holes in the front basket edge.

Paper and Silk

The drive units we favour would be considered archaic by many of the measurement obsessed, multi-gazillion watt loving, latest-trend following loudspeaker manufacturers that comically make up what has become "The High End" of audio today.

We don't use ceramics, poisonous metals or diamonds for our tweeters. We don't use woven fabrics that may be very good for making lightweight bicycle frames, or "techno-fibres" that can theoretically stop bullets for our bass units. Instead, we use the most natural sounding materials available, materials that excel at making MUSIC. For our tweeters, we use classic silk domes. For our bass drivers, we use paper or hemp-pulp cones and foam surrounds.

These are the ONLY materials that, when used correctly and in combination, can produce drive units that are good enough to grace our range of loudspeakers. When you only make the best, nothing but the best will do.

For Your Pleasure

We now offer a selection of our drive units to you, so that you can either upgrade or repair your existing Audio Note (UK) loudspeakers, or alternatively use them in your own designs. We offer a range of copper or silver voice-coiled units, with standard, HE or AlNiCo magnets. We also offer a selection of bass drivers equipped with our exclusive hemp cone material, which provides a great increase in tonal contrast.

Get the Size Right!

Please note, we currently offer eight-inch bass drivers with 21cm diameter (four fixing holes) baskets or 22cm diameter (six fixing holes) baskets. If you are ordering replacement bass drivers for Audio Note (UK) loudspeakers, please ensure that you order the correct size units, we can not be held responsible for incorrect orders!


Get the Specs Right!

When ordering replacement drivers for factory built Audio Note (UK) loudspeakers, please provide us with their serial numbers and the exact model descriptions. We can then attempt to match the drive units as closely as is possible to the original driver specifications for your loudspeakers. Close matching is critical, and we will always endeavour to match paired drive units as closely as possible.




Drive Unit.jpg




All units have crossover frequencies in the region of 2 - 3 KHz: -   spkr-t-std-cu-d19-b

Another Audio Note™ World First; the AlNiCo Magnet Dome Tweeter

I am proud to announce that after nearly six years in development we have finally nailed down all the problems we had with sourcing suppliers, materials, performance, etc.

The double magnet is mounted to a special soft iron top plate which acts as the focusing ring around the silver voice coil, the front mounting plate is made from aircraft grade soft aluminium.

The Audio Note™ AlNiCo magnet dome tweeter became standard on our top level speakers, the AN-E/SEC Signature.



AN-E/J/AZ Speaker Surround


AN-K Speaker Surround

Photography by Nick Lucas

Bass Units
Foam Surrounds
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