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The Audio Note  (UK) range of AN-E Kits

We offer the following range of AN-E Kits. Each kit comprises everything you need to fashion a truly wonderful pair of loudspeakers apart from the cabinets. Unfortunately, we do not offer the Factory produced cabinets for sale.

Efficiency figures are close approximations, and apply only when the 'speakers are positioned correctly in the corners of the room.

Choose Your Weapons!


Everybody knows of the AN-E. It is truly a classic design in the World of hi-fidelity audio loudspeakers. Its distinctive shape, looks, positioning regime and most importantly its superlative sound quality have made it instantly recognisable, and for many, it offers the performance they have always dreamed of. However, such performance and quality come at a price, and for those who have always wanted to own a pair of AN-E but could not afford them, we have an attractive solution.

Do It Yourself

We offer a range of AN-E Kits that, given suitable cabinets, will offer a level of performance that is quite amazing considering the price. Each kit consists of drivers, connection cables, crossovers, internal wadding and ports; all that is required is for you, the builder, to fashion the cabinets from the drawings provided, and to install the supplied components.

Will I get AN-E/LX performance from a KIT-02?

The AN-E kits are extraordinarily good value, but they are not the exact equal of the Factory built models. The matching and calibration of the KIT drive units and crossovers is slightly less exacting than used for the finished models, so performance - though still extremely good - will not be quite as good as a true pair of Factory built AN-E.

Can I upgrade the internal wire and components?

It is perfectly possible to change, for instance, the internal cabling of the KIT-02 from the supplied AN-LEXUS LX to something further along our range, such as AN-SPe or AN-SPx. Changing crossover components is not generally recommended however, as each crossover is carefully calibrated to match the supplied set of drive units, and inserting un-calibrated components - no matter how much 'better' they technically may be - will destroy this precise calibration.

Can I change the KIT-02 Woofer for the HE version?

Unfortunately, the answer to this is NO. The increased efficiency of the HE woofer means that it quite simply will not work correctly in the KIT-02. The crossover, tweeter and port would all need to be changed, and this would not be cost effective... it would be cheaper to purchase a complete KIT-03.

Can I mount the crossovers externally?

You can indeed, but the performance will not be at the same level as our Signature and other external crossover models. The Factory produced versions use our own Copper and Silver Foil Capacitors, and these alone are too large to mount inside the AN-E cabinet. Whilst mounting the crossover externally can be a worthwhile procedure, it is not, in isolation, a guaranteed upgrade.

Can I order a fully Silver wired KIT?

Unfortunately, the answer to this is also NO. It is simply not possible for us to offer the full silver chokes and external crossover components, and perform all of the time consuming and extensive matching that is required at a KIT price. Some things are expensive for a reason, and this is unquestionably the case with our Factory built AN-E SOGON loudspeakers.

Photography by Nick Lucas