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DAC 0.1x

Photography by  Unknown

Available finishes

Fascia - Anodised Aluminium / Black Acrylic / White Acrylic

Current models

DAC 0.1x


Extensive research into the fundamental properties of the data stream itself have shown beyond doubt that regardless of the theoretical and measurable advantages of the signal manipulation employed in all currently available digital products, such as higher over sampling, noise shaping, re-clocking or jitter reduction, the result is this: all these corrective measures greatly interfere with the critical time domain requirements of the signal. Current theory is based on an assumption that music is similar to book keeping data which of course it is not. Music is a time continuum from beginning to end, which when broken is irreparably damaged and no amount of clever manipulation can ever restore it to its original time-frequency-amplitude duration or relationship, regardless of what the theorists may tell you.


The DAC uses the revolutionary and currently exclusive Audio Note digital technology dubbed 1x oversampling™ direct from disc™ circuit topology. The technology in essence dispenses with all the correction measures inherent in all other D/A converters and presents the digital signal directly to the converter after reformatting. In other words, all products in the Audio Note DAC range have no oversampling, no jitter reduction, no noise shaping and no re-clocking. Having removed all the digital filtering that is part of the oversampling, we have also dispensed with all filtering in the analogue domain to further retain good wide band phase-frequency and dynamically coherent behaviour. The end result being a reproduction more reminiscent of master tape in quality, with greater differentiation and contrast between different recordings.


DAC0.1x converter uses a Philips TDA1543 stereo D/A converter chip and features a 6111WA valve zero feedback output stage.

Technical Specifications











1 x 75Ohm RCA SPDIF, 1 x USB


Less then 2KOhm

2.6V RMS

Less than 0.25dB

1 x 6111WA

3 kg

96mm (h) x 300mm (w) x 270mm (d) inc. connectors

16 Bit Philips TDA1543 D/A converter

44.1 / 48 / 96KHz input capability.


Due to Audio Note (UK)'s ongoing research and development program, specifications are subject to change without notice.

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