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The World's Finest range of precision Audio Cables

No other manufacturer of audiophile cables offers such a complete and exhaustive range, with a variety of options to suit all and every possible application in a dedicated two-channel system. As with all of our products, we take pride in designing the best possible solution for the particular price point. If it is an Audio Note (UK) cable, you can be sure that it is the best possible option available.


Custom, from End to End

Every cable we produce is designed and manufactured by us, for us, and for no one else. You will not find ANY Audio Note (UK) cable available in any other cable manufacturer's catalogue. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not simply take a readily available standard cable and have our name stamped on the jacket. We specify and design every single element of every cable, from the size and materials for the conductors, through to the dielectric and insulation, right out to the jacket material and connectors. Every part is deliberately chosen to offer the best possible performance at the price, and no element of design or specification is overlooked. We constantly evaluate and, if necessary, redesign our cable range, making sure that, as our understanding of cable construction becomes ever deeper and more enlightened, we pass on these new refinements to you, our customers.

Audio Note (UK) Silver

We source all of the silver used in our cables from a single source, helping to ensure a consistent level of quality and purity. We have to buy large quantities in bulk, meaning that we usually hold what is by far the largest quantity of silver bullion in the Audio Industry! All of this silver is custom drawn to our specific gauge requirements, then coated in a variety of dielectric polymer depending on the application the particular cable is design for. It is then transported to the cable production facility where it is transformed into our extensive range of wires and cables. All by us, and no one else.

Audio Note (UK) Copper

As we observed the cost of precious metals such as silver beginning to rise dramatically, we decided to expand our range of more affordable copper cables. We took the groundbreaking designs we developed for our higher level silver cables, and applied them to a new range of more affordable copper designs. The results were astonishingly good, and provided a level of performance to our customers that previously could not have been attained at such realistic prices. The AN-LEXUS cables are effectively copper versions of our AN-SOGON models, and the new AN-ISIS is a copper version of our flagship interconnect, AN-SOOTTO. We intend to widen the range of reference copper cables, so keep a look out for new developments.

Audio Note (UK) Cable, Inside and Outside

Along with our extensive range of interconnect and loudspeaker cables, we also produce a vast quantity of wires in silver, that can be used for signal cables, power supplies, rewiring tonearms, interstage and output transformers, inductors for loudspeaker crossovers, chokes... our range is so large, there is usually a specification of wire that is suitable for your project.

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