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res switch mono side Magnetic Tantalum 3
res switch mono back Magnetic Tantalum 1
res switch mono front Non Magnetic Tanta
res switch Stereo side Magnetic Tantalum
res switch Stereo back Magnetic Tantalum

Photography by Jess Thomas

The only way is Custom...

Completely designed and built in house, our new attenuator offers an incredible improvement, noticeable to all the human senses compared to its predecessor; the 23 step.


The 36 Step version is currently available, only introduced to the market in 2018. Watch out for the 48 Step and further developments!

Ultimate Performance

For our higher level products we needed something that was truly worthy of their extreme level performance. We chose to develop a range of Stepped Attenuators, equipped with our own Audio Note (UK) Tantalum resistors. Available in either ono or stereo versions, with 2 Watt AN (UK) load resistor(s), followed by a single AN (UK) 1/2 Watt resistor for each of the individual volume steps. We use these exclusively in all of our higher performance products.

View our component price list for the full selection of available values and resistor options.

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