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Available finishes

Fascia - Anodised Aluminium or Black Acrylic


The AN-S8 is a passive device, designed to convert the mainly current output of your Moving Coil cartridge (MC) to a higher voltage, low current signal of sufficient strength to allow a Moving Magnet (MM) phono stage to amplify it to a suitable level.

Custom Silver Transformers

The internal transformers used in the AN-S8 are manufactured by Audio Note (UK) exclusively. They are the finest possible transformers available today, producing a level of information retrieval that is unsurpassed by any other such devices. They use our own interleaved super mumetal 250 cores, 99.99% pure Silver wire and are housed in large mumetal screening canisters to minimise noise and interference. The transformer cans are then secured inside the chassis with a solid copper clamp, offering the best possible support for these delicate devices.

PALLAS II Output Cable

All versions of the AN-S8 now come fitted with our low capacitance Purple PALLAS II silver output cable as standard, hardwired to the secondaries of the transformers.

Low, Medium and High versions

The AN-S8 can be supplied in the following standard versions to suit the internal impedance of your cartridge: -

AN-S8/L  - 3 Ohm input impedance - Primarily designed for use with the Audio Note (UK) IO range

AN-S8/M - 20 Ohm input impedance - For cartridges with an internal impedance of 5 to 7 ohms

AN-S8/H - 400 Ohm input impedance - For cartridges with an impedance of 100 to 133 Ohms

Internal Impedance

It is possible to use our transformers with cartridges that have greater internal impedance, or values that are outside the preferred ranges of the standard inputs, however, it is important to realise that an input impedance in the region of three to four times the internal impedance of your cartridge will usually provide the best results.

If your chosen cartridge has an internal impedance that does not reasonably accurately match one of the standard input impedance values, please consult your Audio Note (UK) Dealer for further advice regarding which SUT to choose.

Technical Specifications








See text above

47K Ohm


99.99% pure Silver



Due to Audio Note (UK)'s ongoing research and development program, specifications are subject to change without notice.

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