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Photography by Jess Thomas

Available finishes

Fascia - Anodised Aluminium or Black Acrylic


The AN-S2 is a passive device, designed to convert the mainly current output of your moving coil cartridge (MC) to a higher voltage, low current signal of sufficient strength to allow a moving magnet (MM) phono stage to amplify it to a suitable level.


The internal transformers used in the AN-S2 are manufactured by Audio Note (UK) exclusively, use the very best core materials and winding technology available at the price, and are housed in mumetal screening canisters to minimise noise and interference.


The AN-S2 can be supplied in two versions; the AN-S2/L (low impedance) and the AN-S2/H (high impedance).


The "L" version has a switchable input impedance of 3 Ohms and 12 Ohms; the "H" version, 15 Ohms and 60 Ohms.


The 3 Ohm input of the "L" version has been primarily designed to partner the Audio Note IO Moving Coil cartridges, and the 12 Ohm input is intended to be used with cartridges with an internal impedance of around 3 to 4 Ohms.


The 15 Ohm input of the "H" version is designed to partner cartridges with an internal impedance of around 4 to 5 Ohms; the 60 Ohm input is designed for cartridges with internal impedance in the region of 15 to 20 Ohms.


It is possible to use our transformers with cartridges that have greater internal impedances, or values that are outside the preferred ranges of the switchable inputs, however, it is important to realise that an input impedance in the region of three to four times the internal impedance of your cartridge will usually provide the best results.

Technical Specifications








See text above

47K Ohm


99.99% pure Copper



Due to Audio Note (UK)'s ongoing research and development program, specifications are subject to change without notice.

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