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AN-K Stands

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Speakers sold separately

Available finishes

Gloss Black / Matte Black / Gloss White / Matte White


They are a high mass design specifically intended to partner the AN range of Audio Note (UK) loudspeakers.


The stands (one pair) are supplied in kit form and require assembly as per the enclosed instructions before use.


The cavities inside the upright pillars should be filled with a suitable high-density material such as metal shot / particles or sand. If sand is used, please ensure that it is a pre-dried (often referred to as ‘kiln dried’) type, and not moist. The sand supplied for fish tanks or children’s sandpits is ideal, as this has usually been cleaned and is dry; construction grade ‘sharp’ sand is not suitable in standard form, due to the water content. It may also be necessary to ‘seal’ the junctions between the base plate and the bottoms of the box section legs, to prevent sand escaping. Any pliable, slightly adhesive material such as Plasticine or Blu-Tack is ideal for this.


Fully adjustable and lockable spikes are supplied for the bottom plates of the stands. We recommend using four small, peas sized balls of Blu-Tack, placed in each corner of the upper surface of the top plate for securing the loudspeaker to the stand. This is, in our experience, by far the best method to use.

Technical Specifications




11kg per stand


once assembled, 570mm (h) x 290mm (w) x 210mm (d) - per speaker

Due to Audio Note (UK)'s ongoing research and development program, specifications are subject to change without notice.

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